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Rekaz Holding for Financial Investments S.A.E

The name of the company was previously Port Said for Agricultural Development and Contracting S.A.E.

The company was established in January 2010 with a capital of five hundred thousand Egyptian pounds, with a nominal value of five pounds per share, and in December 2021 the capital reached twenty million Egyptian pounds, with a nominal value of one pound per share.

Rekaz Company is a registered and listed company in the Egyptian Stock Exchange - Small and Medium Enterprises Exchange - Nile Stock Exchange. In the name of Rakaz Holding for Financial Investments LLC in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 95 of 1992 and its executive regulations 


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Company Vsion

Our Vision

The vision of the company is considered as a basic pillar in the development of the non-banking financial sector under the supervision and control of the Financial Regulatory Authority.

Therefore, the company intends in its future plan to acquire some companies and enter into the contributions of other companies when they are established.

Engaging in increasing the capital of existing companies in non-banking financial activities, most notably the money market sector and the non-bank financing sector.

In particular, the activity of microfinance, consumer finance, factoring and financial leasing



Achieving financial inclusion in the field of non-banking services, given the importance of this type of financing in order to raise the rates of economic development in Egypt.

The company is also seeking, in the coming period, to take measures to increase its issued and paid-up capital Which helps to add other activities in order to expand the activity, whether in the field of promotion and coverage of subscriptions or management of investment funds


As an investment manager, a legal person to manage investment funds that are established in the form of Egyptian joint stock companies in accordance with the provisions of the Capital Market Law.

In addition, the company seeks, in its plan, to obtain the practice of other mechanisms, in particular receiving subscription in investment fund documents, as well as the practice of investment fund activity by itself or with others.

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Board of Directors

Hesham Labib Office


Dr. Hamada El Badry

Accounts consultant

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